What’s chanoyu?

Chanoyu is known worldwide as a tea ceremony. Chanoyu is not just about drinking matcha with sitting on your heels nor making a tea following by a strict rule or designated procedure. It’s way more than that.

It is a Japanese complete art form since chanoyu includes all the traditional art forms such as kimono, ceramics (tea bowl, etc.), bamboo crafts, architecture, landscaping, flower arrangement and so on. 

Also, chanoyu is about the well-known Japanese spirit ” Omotenashi “. Omomtenashi is showing hospitality to others, to care for others. 

At Chanoyu, the four principles have been told since the era of Sen-no-rikyu. These are wa, kei, sei, jaku.

“Wa” means harmony. 

It is to strive for harmony with others. Also, it is to have peace in mind.

Kei” means respect.

Showing respect to others is very important not only at chanoyu but in everyday life.

“Sei” means purity.

The purity of mind and behavior is important.

“Jaku” means tranquility. 

Tranquility may be the most difficult principle we can reach.

This principle was written almost 400 years ago and has been handed down over generations to people. Truly, this is the most important philosophy of chanoyu. 

Knowing these principles and stepping in the world of chanoyu will have a considerable impact on your thought.

Now you are opening the door to the world of one of the most profound cultures of Japan.

Welcome to the world of chanoyu.