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MOA MUSEUM OF ART in Atami, Shizuoka with such magnificent ocean view.


is an art museum located in Atami, a tourist destination that has been gathering Japanese attention again.

It is an art museum that I think is worth going to Atami just for this place.. If you are interested in art and architecture, of course, even if you are not, you will find this spot very attractive.

As it is on the top of a hill that overlooks Hatsushima( an island located from 30 min by a ferry), it is quite a way to drive up, but the scenery at the end of driving will take your breath away. It certainly is a place that you would say “Wow…” the moment you arrive.

MOA Museum of Art was founded by Mr. Shigeyoshi Okada in 1982, and after large-scale renovation work, it became the present form. The exhibition room is, of course, full of attractions, with a variety of facilities such as Noh theater, golden tea rooms, and Japanese gardens.

National treasures and tea utensils for cultural heritage are also held and can be seen nearby as its permanent exhibits.

If you would like to explore all of the permanent exhibitions and all the facilities, you may want to take at least three hours. If you have about 5 hours, you can go through everything at your own pace.

The museum’s first attraction is the escalator, which looks like it lasts forever from the ticket office to the exhibition room. Climb up the escalator. Despite having already climbed up to a very high place by car, you will go up even further by the escalator.

And you will find a huge kaleidoscope on the ceiling after the long escalator.


A modern kaleidoscope projected with full use of projection mapping. There are many benches under the kaleidscope, so it’s a good idea to lie down and look up the face of the kaleidoscope changing slowly if time permits.

And after the kaleidscope, it’s this view!


It is especially beautiful on a sunny day. It is a great photo spot with a panoramic view of Atami. There are cherry trees are planted, it is in full bloom in the spring and it is more beautiful.

Noh theater

You can see the magnificent Noh theater with a total of 501 seats very close.

It is rented as a multipurpose hall and is used not only for regular Noh performances but also for concerts. The other day, there was a stage for Kabuki actor Bando Tamasaburo ( very famous actor for playing a female role), and the tickets were sold out pretty quickly.

There is also facilities for simultaneous interpretation, and international conferences are also possible. JAZZ live will also be held in August.

Golden tea room

It is a replica of a luxurious tea room that Toyotomi Hideyoshi is said to have created.


It is made based on historical materials, so it can be folded and assembled. Since the tea utensils on display are also made using about 50 kg of real gold, security guards are always there. However, this security guard, not only security, but quite detailed to the exhibit, even if you ask various questions here, they will answer wonderfully.

Japanese gardens


This green space goes through the beautiful entrance to the spacious Japanese garden. Even if it’s raining, you can find an umbrella of the museum. In the Japanese garden, there are restaurants, “Hana no Chaya” and “Soba-no-bo”, and a tea room “Ippaku-an” if you woud like Japanese food, you may wanto visit this garden. There are also a French and a café in the museum.


I always have white buckwheat soba noodles for lunch here. White buckwheat soba is a fresh soba that has a clear soup and is served with spice such as grated radish or seven spice beldn. You can taste the real taste of soba.

Tea room “Ippaku-an”

At the tea room “Ippaku-an”, you can have Japanese sweets and green-tea at the stand of black lacquered tables and chairs. You can choose matcha or sencha. Their matcha is the museum’s original organic matcha “Ippaku”. Forget every day’s hassle and take a break as looking at the spacious well-maintained garden.

The design of the tea room is by Emori Nabiko, who worked on the tea room at the Japanese Embassy in Washington. Please have a look at the tea utensils and hanging shafts in the large hall.

Their shop has many gifts and miscellaneous goods selected by the museum. The lineup varies depending on the content of the exhibition. You can also buy the museum’s original organic matcha “Ippaku” here.

What do you think of MOA MUSEUM OF ART ?

Such a beautiful museum with interesting exhibits, architecture and spectacular views. No matter how many times you come, when you look at the ocean view you will be thrilled. It is recommended to go out on a sunny day.

Buying a ticket online beforehand and get a discount. You can enter with QR code on the day without waiting at the ticket office.

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