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茶道色々 / chado

A list of Raku tea bowls, useful for Okeiko.

This is a list of Raku tea bowl contains its artist and its name.  At Okeiko, we are likely to use the same name and same artist every time. Would you like to try using a different one to make Okeiko more exciting ?

First, I listed up Raku Kichizaemon and Koetsu’s tea bowls.

*Will be added any time. 

ArtistNameRed or Black?
KōetsuOtogozered ( important cultural property)
KōetsuFujiyama (mt.fuji)white (national treasure)
 Kichizaemon XVYatō (wild peach)red
 Kichizaemon XVKumo-no-mine (clouded peak)black
Kakunyū (XIV)Renzan (range of mountains)red
Kakunyū (XIV)Rinshō (perfect fifth or the six month)black
Seinyū (XIII)Usumomiji (light autumn leaves)red
Seinyū (XIII)Araiso (rugged coastline)black
Kōnyū (XII)Haru-no-yuki (snow in the spring)black
Kōnyū (XII)Kise (turtle shell)red
Kōnyū (XII)Oborozuki (hazy moon)black
Tannyū (X)Yaburemado (torn window)black
Ryōnyū (Ⅸ)Fukujyudakeblack
Ryōnyū (Ⅸ)Obasute(Noh Play Obasute)red
Ryōnyū (Ⅸ)Furuzukin(old hood)red
Sanyū (Ⅵ)Yokogumo(bank of clouds)red
Sanyū (Ⅵ)Bishamon (Visaravana)red
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