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How to fold a new fukusa

Matcha powder on fukusa from a long-time period practice can be a sign of folding a fukusa in a right way. However, a new fukusa does not have this sign.

It only happens sometimes, so when it comes, we are likely forget how to fold a new fukusa.

You need a new fukusa for tea gatherings.


Here, let me show you how to fold a brand-new fukusa !

How to fold a new fukusa for Urasenke.

*A new fukusa comes in this kind of box.

Sometimes, even a brand-new fukusa has a wrong fold. It’s better to check by yourself.

①The seamless side is called “Wa” or “Wasa.
Place this “Wa” on the right side.
② Spread and follow the crease and fold in the further direction.
③Now it’s a rectangle shape.
Follow the crease and fold in the further direction.
④Now it’s a square shape. No fold mark any more, but just fold in the same direction as ② & ③.
⑤Keep on going..
Yay! you did it!

Try “yohou-sabaki” or “Shin” , then you find out right away if your fukusa is folded in the right way.

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