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Making a bamboo bag at “Kan”. A Japanese bamboo artist, Mr. Masaaki Iijima.

About 3 years since I found this bamboo craft artist and it’s been 9 months since I placed an order at their exhibition in Nara. A bamboo basket bag made by Mr. Masaaki Iijima at “Kan” has finally arrived.

Here it comes!
cute shape
a hand-woven cloth by Kabura studio

Mr. Iijima’s bamboo craft is exceptional among the bamboo crafts artists. I have been looking for a bamboo bag for a long time but none was beyond his handcrafted one.


Here is the details of the bamboo bag Hana ordered.

  • Size:Width 30cm Height16cm 12cm
  • Cloth:Silk, soot-colored bamboo (Kabura-no-mori studio)

About the cloth

Kabura-no-mori studio

The fabric weaving base of the forest is a textile studio in the southern foot of Yatsugatake. The artist learned textiles in the U.S, worked abroad and returned to Japan and open their hand-built studio in the forest. They use natural materials as dyes and dye threads to make fabrics.


Here is the bamboo craft shop’s information.

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